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Supper Club
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Nonna's Supper Club

Nonna’s Update

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Mauritius, and straight into Supper Club mode …. As you can see from the last one, bringing with us some new ideas for our evenings. Introducing the rum and pear, which is an Italian digestive!

We are full now for May and will be setting dates for later this year, when ...

Supper Club
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Supper club

Instead of a Friday (and it is Friday the 13th!) the Supper Club will be on Saturday 14 August. Here is our menu. We hope you like it.

We have briefly described the dishes. Just to remind you that in Italy, the pasta dish is not a main course, but a 'primo'! So these will be starter sizes. Of course, if you have a good appetite, there ...

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Nonnas Supper Club

Some interesting facts which will help you understand the Italian menu.

Spaghetti alla bolognese (or spag bol) is a pasta dish invented outside of Italy , and although very popular in various countries, the sauce is never served with spaghetti in Bologna (or elsewhere in Italy), as the pieces of meat do not cling to this shape of pasta. ...