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Nonna's crostini
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Nonna's Supper Club

Ciao a tutti!

Just to let you know that after Easter we will be sending out dates for an Open Supper Club. You don't have to book all spaces, just come by yourselves or with friends.

The menu will be coming shortly, but with some of our favourite Italian comfort dishes!

If you have any requests, please contact us.

So, ...

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Supper Club

Another fun evening with new guests. Although we changed from Friday the 13th to the Saturday, the rain arrived! However, we had set up inside, just in case! It meant we had drinks and a few Italian delights outside, and the remainder of the mean inside. This finished around 10 pm! Much fun was had and nobody went home hungry, and the vegetarians ...

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We have had some wonderful evenings for Nonna's supper clubs, and the weather has been especially kind, so we have dined 'al fresco'. All guests have had fun and loved the food, saying 'it was just like being in Italy' , and that is our aim!

We have had requests for a 'fish night' and that will be in September, so watch this space.

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