Tuscan Pecorino!

January & February update

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A good start for the Supper Club in 2022. Thank you all for your continued support!

We had the first one last Saturday, which was a fish night! I think there was too much food! A great group, thank you for being the perfect guests.

Bookings are looking good for February and March, and if you need to look at any of our menus, do get in touch.

In the photo, our wonderful Pecorino cheese - 'Pecorino Toscano DOP - Stagionato from the Val d'Orcia. It goes so well with pears, walnuts and acacia honey!

A presto, ciao for now Jill & Abbi

Tuscan taster

Nonna's Supper Club

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Felice Anno nuovo!

Happy New Year 2022

A welcome to 2022, and our new menus.

We already have some dates booked in January and February, but we have an open date of Saturday 26 February. We have several places available. Sorry we couldn’t fit you all in last year. The menu will be available shortly, but if you are interested for that date, please get back to us.

This year we are continuing with some of our favourite dishes, but introducing some new ones we hope you will enjoy.

If you want to book a date for your group booking, please let us know well in advance and we can get some menus to you.

Most people have preferred a Saturday night, and they have been fun and enjoyable, both for us and our diners.

We wish you a good year, positive vibes for 2022, but negative covid tests! Stay safe and sane.

ciao ciao Jill & Abbi

Wine festival

Nonna's Supper Club

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The photo is of the wine festival in Impruneta! Memories of our time in Tuscany, Chianti and the grape harvest.

October Supper Clubs have been full of laughter and fun, thank you all for coming. We are now struggling to fit in any more supper clubs this year, as we are full November and December! If there are any cancellations we will let you know.

We welcome any new ideas for 2022 and will continue with our Italian menus. The Tuscan Taster is a great favourite, as are the 'gnudi' and the pumpkin ravioli! We are always open to menu suggestions, as long as they are authentic Italian dishes.

Keep watching our Blog page for updates, ciao for now.

Jill & Abbi

Wednesday March 2nd, 2022